I will destroy biphobia with red lipstick, cut up shirts, and mascara.

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A girl in my Sociology class turns around during a class activity on goals to start a conversation with me. Her opening line is: ‘I want to get married.’ I nod and smile. She does not ask me my goals, just continues telling me the sort of guy she’d like to be with and how many kids she’d like. Thoughtfully, she adds, ‘My mom told me to meet someone and marry them. You don’t wanna date around because you wanna be fresh for the guy and not a….you know what.’

My cousin’s Facebook ‘About Me’ lists things she would like in a man. There is nothing about her or the things she does, only qualities she finds attractive. ‘Looking for someone who can play the guitar and cook a great dinner,’ she wrote. I can hear her bubbly, singsong voice while reading it. She is thirteen years old and has told me that girls ‘oughta only kiss their husbands and that’s it.’ When I ask her what she wants to be when she’s older she says, ‘Married.’

My male friend tells me that he has no problem with what girls do, but that he would not date a girl who’s ‘been around’ because she’d be ‘dirty.’ I wonder if each time someone touches you, a part of you is soiled. If there are piles of dirt in the spaces where others’ fingers once rested. In the shower, I try to scrub the smell of dirt from myself, but come out, still polluted, with red scratch marks all over me.

Being called a ‘you know what’ taught me some things: that I do not want to be touched by somebody who will judge my past. That I am not a tally book, with others’ names burned into me. If you have to label me as something, let it be a human being.


A “You Know What” | Lora Mathis 
A middle finger to slut shaming.  (via lora-mathis)

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Fuck your trans-exclusionary ableist white feminism.

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Cis boys love to talk about their cocks.

It’s an obsession with them.

Scrawling the bloody things all over text books and on walls.

As if to say ‘this is ours’.

'Our territory. Our world. You best beware here.'

Comparing them.

Measuring with rulers in the back of maths class.

While harassed supply teachers sigh:

'Well, boys will be boys.'


Yet the moment I say a word about my vagina,

The world stops still.

And collectively tuts,

And frowns down at me like a scandalised Victorian schoolteacher.

'I have a vagina'.

They cringe and grimace.

They do not know where to look.


'Every month it bleeds.'

You can hear them can’t you?

The men gagging and cursing.

Because I have brazenly revealed the truth of myself.

That I am a living being and a living body.

Not a toy,

Squeaky clean,

Pretty and smooth and pleasing.

Presented for their fickle consumption.


'I can achieve orgasm without any of you.'

Glasses drop, shatter.

Eyes are wide like saucers.

Someone faints with horror.


After some deliberation a single boy steps forward.

There is a look to his eyes,

A greedy, predatory glint I would love to carve out of them.

Before he becomes a man and a monster.


The first time I ever saw a woman kissing a woman,

Was in the hands of an immature, sweaty boy,

Under the desk beside me.

On a phone the teacher pretended not to notice.


One of the lads stuck his crotch in my face,

To punish me for the crime of sitting on a public bench,

He fancied reclining on.


I was a ‘bitch’,

Because I once declared not one of those boys,

Would ever be good enough for me.


(Now we return to our scene).


The ringleader smirks,

As though he would crush me in his fist,

Or see me trussed up like a plastic Barbie.

( I don’t think he has decided yet).

'Okay then, we'll watch' he announces.


'Fuck off. No.'

I reply.

And close the curtains.


The Boys At School by Claudia Boleyn

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How to be a Reverse Racist

JESUS this!!!!!!




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Studying for my psychology final and still having to deal with bisexual/polysexual erasure in the textbook. Not only does the author categorize bisexuality in the same section as pedophilia as “some types of sexual orientation” but sees bisexual people as those who “shift from one sexual orientation to another and back” and continues to proclaim that “true bisexuality may be rare”. 

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When watching a show I don’t think ‘Well politically correctly there should be two more minorities’

I’m thinking ‘This is suffocating, this isn’t what life is like, why do i not exist, why do my friends not exist, what the fuck is with this idealisation of one type of person?’

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people be like “are you really going to miss out on a potential friendship just because someone doesnt share your views on feminism/racism/etc.” and i’m like “ya lol”

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I’m not running away from things, I am running to them. Before they flare and fade forever. 

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