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cultural appropriation. they love everything about us but us.

I don’t want your hugs and pity. I want you to stop being racist.

I want to go back to 17 year old me and warn her about the horrors of university level math.

Who wants to sit with me for 4 hours as I study for tomorrow’s math final and give me reassuring hugs and motivational statements every 10 minutes?

Don’t fool yourself. English isn’t inherently superior, or easier to learn, or more sonically pleasing. Its international usage comes from forceful assimilation and legacy of colonialistic injection. It isn’t a deed that one should take pride in.
my uncle left this comment on his friend’s Facebook status, a white British man who was bragging about how easy it is to be a native English speaker when trekking to different nations. (via maarnayeri)

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Rather than accepted, female bisexuality is “encouraged” on the sole grounds that it be palatable to straight men. Bisexual women are presented in hyper-sexualized contexts, as sexual objects for the hegemonic straight male gaze, while directly or covertly appealing to a quasi-pornographic fantasy of a (two females and one male) threesome, and while also reassuring us that these women are not really bisexual, but are simply behaving so for the satisfaction of the presumed male spectator.
Shiri Eisner, Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution, p.159   (via hachikuji)

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white women of hollywood, reducing japan and japanese culture to cupcakes, sexy ”costumes” and submissive sex-kittens since god knows when

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Gettin sick of that false equality mindset that’s flying around.

Finally, a comic I’d get behind!

there it is

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The kick of girl-girl porno lies partly in its catering to the fantasy of violating the privacy of lesbians, of making even sex between women - something quite threatening to male sexual prerogative-serve a male agenda; the other, tacit element is the kick of seeing “normal”girls made to emulate homosexual activity. The assumption is that homosexual activity is repulsive, and that therefore the models are disgusted by it and endure it under some compulsion - whether the compulsion of money, force of personality, or physical threat.

Pictures of real lesbians - at Gay Pride rallies, for example - kissing, necking and flirting are often considered disgusting and ugly by the same men who enjoy girl-girl fantasy porn.

Lesbians in the public world who kiss, hold hands, or otherwise behave like a sexually intimate couple (in a restaurant, in a park, at a movie) have often been subjected to abuse, threats and violence from hetero men - the same men who constitute the market for ever-popular girl-girl porno.

Catharine A. Mackinnon, “Not For Sale: Feminists Resisting Prostitution & Pornography.” 2004. (via sanityscraps)

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